Upstox Vs Groww Vs Zerodha – Comparison To Find Which Is Better?

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In this review and comparison of Upstox Vs Groww Vs Zerodha which by the way are also the top 3 stockbrokers currently in India in terms of total active clients, we will be finding out who is better and why?

First and foremost few things any trader and investor should keep in mind before opening an account with any stockbroker are following:

  • Their history in broking industry
  • Lowest account opening/AMC/ brokerage charges
  • Advanced trading platform with all technical/fundamental tools and indicators for every device(desktop/laptop, tablet, mobile)
  • Customer service support
  • No/less Debt in company
  • Their vision for future

Apart from this what other services they are offering like free stock recommendations, fundamental and technical reports etc.

Now without wasting further time lets us jump direct to comparison part of different features and services you can get from above three stockbrokers.


Upstox Vs Groww Vs Zerodha Charges Comparison:

Stock Broker
Account Opening Charges
Annual maintenance Charges (AMC)
Brokerage Charges
Rs.300 yearly
Rs.20 or 0.03% 
Rs.20 or 0.05% 
Rs.20 or 0.05%


As you can clearly see in the table above as far as account opening and AMC charges are concerned groww is almost free and hence can be counted as best money saving among three.

Having said that, in day to day trades what really matters are brokerage, this is what you pay most of time when you place any trade. Zerodha is undoubtedly tops the table with lowest brokerage in comparison to upstox and groww.

Moreover equity delivery based trades zerodha does not charge any brokerage and both other brokers do have a same brokerage structure for even delivery based trades.

So, overall Zerodha wins the race in terms of saving more money for you in comparison to upstox and groww. Let us now move on to compare the most important part for every trader and investor i.e. segments available and trading platform rating and features.


Upstox Vs Groww Vs Zerodha Trading Platform Comparison:

There are many forms of investing and trading in stock market n India, mainly there are three prominent stock exchanges:

  1. National Stock Exchange of India(NSE) Ltd.
  2. BSE Ltd. formerly known as the Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd.
  3. Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd.(MCX)

National Stock Exchange of India(NSE) and BSE Ltd. both deals in segment of market mentioned below.

 a. Equity

b. Equity Derivatives

c. Currency Derivatives (including Interest Rate Derivatives)

d. Commodity Derivatives

e. Debt

There are multiple segments or you can say financial products available just like a supermarket apart from above you can invest and trade in ETF, Digital Gold, SGB, Bonds, Government securities(G-sec), IPO, OFS, Mutual funds, etc.

The reason I told you above is to be familiar with the financial products and then check various options available with stockbroker you are choosing, rather than just going by the hype.

In Zerodha vs Upstox Vs Groww the many financial products are available take a look in below table:

Stock Broker
Trading/Investing Segments Available
Trading Platform Rating
Third-party Integration
NSE/BSE/MCX/Currency/FnO/IPO/Mutual Funds/ETF/SGB/Bonds/G-sec
Tickertape, Streak, Sentinel, Smallcase, Sensibull, Refinitiv
NSE/BSE/MCX/Currency/FnO/IPO/Mutual Funds/ETF/SGB/Gold
Tickertape, Sentinel, Smallcase, Sensibull, Refinitiv


Apart from different financials products what matters next is the execution that is to be done by the app or trading platform given by these stock brokers.

If we do compare between Upstox Vs Groww Vs Zerodha App, Upstox has by far the best app or trading platform as the ratings on play store for upstox mobile app is 4.5 with more than 2.9 lacs users reviewed it, which is much better than any other broker and highest stockbroker rated app as of now.

Zerodha Kite App have more than 1 crore installs on google playstore and its mobile app rating is 4.2 with 283k reviews, which makes it one of the best and highest rated app rating across the broking industry.

Last but not the least is groww App, having said that what makes any stockbroker trading platform better is the integration of various financials third party apps or software’s.

Zerodha and Upstox trading platform have partnered with third party service integration as well such as Tickertape, Streak, Sentinel, Refinitiv, Smallcase for portfolio based investments and, Sensibull for option based strategies.

Groww have also recently partnered with tickertape to provide a better fundamental analysis to it’s users on their trading platform.

I must tell you this, recently I came across a very great feature which is available at upstox for Future and Options based traders. Very often traders who do not trade with option strategies may incur huge losses. Mostly because option strategies are complicated and require complex math’s.

But upstox latest tool has solved this problem and made options trading with strategies a lot simpler. Upstox is the first broker to have an in-app options trading tool that provides ready-made option strategies.

Key Features of Upstox ready-made option strategies tool:

  • Pre-curated strategies in NIFTY and BANK NIFTY
  • Helpful insights – profit probability, maximum P&L, and funds required
  • Interactive pay-off graph to know ‘take-home’ amounts at different levels
  • Strategy orders grouped as one to easily track P&L of the entire strategy

So, if you are someone who want to trade more in FnO Upstox have better resources for you rather than Zerodha and Groww.

Apart from these you get 100+ technical indicators on real-time charts, Different types of orders such as GTT, Limit order, Market order, Stop-loss order, Basket order etc.

Now, overall in my opinion Zerodha and Upstox both have great trading platforms and features in comparison with groww, so choose it accordingly.

To open an account with Upstox right away click on this link and get Rs.1000 brokerage credit for a limited time period*

To open an account with Zerodha right away click on this link.


Upstox Vs Groww Vs Zerodha Features Comparison:

According to the latest data from NSE, the highest number of active clients in India are with Zerodha – 65,83,612, second is Upstox – 54,62,001 and third is Groww – 44,22,161.

These number does represent the faith and trust these stockbrokers have created over a period of time in broking industry among users. But these can’t be the only factor to choose the stockbroker.

Below are some of the other features comparison between Groww Vs Upstox Vs Zerodha:

Stock Broker
Free Delivery Trades
Margin Trading Facility
Call N Trade
Total Active Clients


MTF i.e. margin trading facility is a feature which give any trader or investor a more margin on equity delivery based trades, which is currently only available with Upstox and they give up to 3x times margin.

If we talk about intraday Margin at Groww vs upstox vs zerodha, after SEBI Rules on Intraday margin every stockbroker is giving same margin 5x throughout India, hence this does not matter anymore.

Other charges such as stamp duty, DP, transactions charges, STT remains same for all.

To open an account with Upstox right away click on this link and get Rs.1000 brokerage credit for a limited time period*

To open an account with Zerodha right away click on this link.


Upstox or Groww or Zerodha which is better?

Zerodha is little better than upstox and much better than groww If we do a overall comparison of various charges, features hence I would advise anyone to go with either zerodha or upstox and avoid groww any day.

Below are the overall rating of upstox, groww and zerodha, which means if you consider all different features, charges, cost effectiveness, better user experience among them.


Stock Broker
Overall Rating
Open A/C Now


Zerodha in itself is the universe, whether you are a beginner or experience trader and investor, zerodha has all resources set at one place for you.

Expressing my opinion in terms of all technological tools, advanced platforms, robust management I would rate Zerodha 9.6 out of 10. 

To open an account with Zerodha right away click on this link.

On the other hand Upstox as an stockbroker has made its place in the Indian stock broker industry with their fast and efficient trading platforms, sophisticated charting software’s combined with speed and reliability as well ease of opening the account online paperless.

They are now at the second position in India for having the most active clients, very soon they may going to OutSpace Zerodha and can be trusted without any doubt.

The charges and brokerages are very much reasonable in comparison to any other brokers, if you are thinking of opening a trading/Demat/mutual fund combined account, than do not put any second thought.

To open an account with Upstox right away click on this link.

If I have to rate upstox overall as an leading discount broker I will give it 9.4 out of 10.

In my opinion groww still need to do a lot to fulfill the stock broking requirements such as allowing  currency and commodity trading.

Having said that, I like their USP of allowing clients to invest in US, their strength in financial data for fundamental analysis, Free mutual funds investments.

If I have to rate Groww after looking at there breakthrough pricing model for brokerages as well as other charges and experiencing there simple yet great user interface for trading platform I would give it 8.7 out of 10.

Open an free account with groww using this link

I hope you above comparison between these stockbrokers have certainly helped you to choose the right fir for you. I wish you all the best for your financial journey ahead.

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