Upstox App Review – One Of The Best Trading App In 2024

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Are you looking to trade and invest in Stocks, IPO’s, Mutual Funds, Gold, derivatives such as FnO, Currency or Commodity then this Upstox App Review will certainly going to help you.

Having said that, we will not only be discussing the upstox pro app features but the upstox stock broker and its charges, brokerages, and other services offered to its clients as well.

Although there are many online stock trading Apps which are worst, beginners in stock market chose them without knowing complete details.

If you have the best online trading platform than most of your trading and investing related issues get resolved automatically otherwise you might need to call the broker every now and than and face unnecessary hurdles .

It is because there are more than 250+ stockbrokers as per latest NSE Data, in other words you have similar number of mobile apps.

Choosing the right one or the best trading app in India can be a very daunting task, hence in this post we will know Upstox App review, which is based on users reviews as well as my personal experience after using Upstox Pro mobile app.

Another point to keep in mind is not to look for just trading app features but the overall features of that stockbroker prior to opening an account with them.

Upstox is backed by none other than Ratan Tata, Kalaari Capital, GVK Davixa and Tiger Global, recently they have announced building technology and platform to trade in US markets as well by later this year. Upstox is a SEBI registered discount broker and member of NSE, BSE, MCX.

You can trade and invest in different segments such as Equity, Derivatives, Commodity, Currency Futures, Mutual Funds, IPOs. They are depository participant (DP) for both NSDL and CDSL.

By the way you can read Upstox Broker Complete Review Here. Let us now move on to know about upstox app in detail.


Upstox App Review:

Upstox Pro have more than 1 crore installs on google playstore and its mobile app rating is 4.5 which is best and highest rated app rating across the broking industry. Upstox Pro App has inbuilt all the major tools, indicator and resources as it has in upstox Pro web based platform for desktop users.

Similarly, the upstox pro app is also available for IOS (Apple/Mac) users and upstox pro app rating on apple app store is 4.2 with more than 19.65K user ratings.

Upstox Pro helps you trade and analyze the Indian stock markets in real-time. Cutting edge charting tools, and live market data make it one of the most renowned stock market trading apps in India.

Upstox is India’s largest investment platforms trusted by over 80 lakh investors. As per the latest data on NSE available, Upstox have highest number of active clients (users) in India, close to 59,27,803(5.9 millions).

This easy-to-use upstox mobile app will help you with all your investment needs. Now you can invest in stocks, mutual funds, gold, IPOs, and futures & options with this state-of-the-art investment platform.


Features of Upstox Pro Mobile App:

Invest in Stocks:

  • Easy, fast, and secure way to invest in the stock market
  • Zero brokerage on stock investments
  • Access charts, financial data, and news related to every stock to make informed decisions

Invest in Mutual Funds:

  • Choose from more than 2,000 mutual fund schemes
  • Don’t pay any commission fees by investing in direct mutual funds
  • Track your investment portfolio in real-time

Invest in Digital Gold:

  • Buy 24 karat, 99.9% pure gold
  • Safety is assured as gold is stored in secured vaults
  • Start investing from as low as Re 1
  • Buy or sell real-time with lock-in only for the first 5 days from purchase

Intraday and F&O:

  • View OHCL (Open High Close Low) data to make better trading decisions
  • Use stop-loss feature to minimize loss
  • Access pre and post-trade analytics, intelligent drawing tools, 100+ charts, 250+ indicators with ChartIQ and Trading View
  • Place an order from where you are, be it charts, scrip details, or market depth

Invest in IPOs:

  • Invest in stocks as soon as the company issues them
  • Apply for an IPO and track status online effortlessly
  • Buy stocks at the original value and avoid the impact of market demand

The ratings on play store for upstox mobile app is 4.5 with more than 2.9 lacs users reviewed it, which is much better than any other broker and highest stockbroker rated app as of now.


best trading app review


With Upstox Pro mobile app you can make the most of stock market investment and trading. Apart from this upstox also has an API for developers who wants to create their own platform in programming languages such as python.

Click here to open an Free Upstox account online within minutes and get Rs.1000 as brokerage credit.


Lets checkout some of the other features of upstox trading platform

Some of the other key Features of Upstox App include:

  1. Universal search tool to find simple and complex stocks.
  2. Access to NSE/BSE cash, Futures and Options, commodities and Currencies scrips
  3. Cutting-edge charting tools that are above industry standards
  4. Japanese Candlestick Charts of multiple intervals, types and drawing styles
  5. Apply 100+ technical indicators on real-time charts
  6. Trade directly from charts with the Trade From Charts (TFC) feature
  7. Checkout Fundamentals of company such as Balance Sheet, Profit/loss statement, P/E, P/B ratio, Results etc.
  8. Set unlimited number of price alerts for instant updates
  9. Option chain, Option Greek Calculator, Option Moneyness, Option Scholes Calculator etc.
  10. Create unlimited number of customized watchlists
  11. Receive real-time market feeds to stay on top of your scrips
  12. Access predefined watch-list of Nifty 50, FINNifty and other indices
  13. Biometric (fingerprint and Face ID – iOS) 2FA for seamless logins and better security
  14. Invest in ETF’s, Gold, SIP’s in Mutual Funds, and lot more options such as third party integration smallcase, sensibull, tickertape etc..


Upstox as an stockbroker has made its place in the Indian stock broker industry with their fast and efficient trading platforms, sophisticated charting software’s combined with speed and reliability as well ease of opening the account online paperless.

Moreover apart from trading app Upstox in partner with other financial tech companies provide many other services which are built on these apps, such as Tickertape, Sensibull, Smallcase, etc.

The charges and brokerages are very much reasonable in comparison to other brokers,

  1. Upstox do charges one time account opening fee of Rs.249 and Zero or No charges for AMC (Annual Maintenance Charge), which usually gets charges by other brokers in Rs.300 to 400 range at the year end. However you can open a Free Upstox account with Zero AMC charges for a limited time period through this link.
  2. Upstox Brokerage charges are lowest in industry, they charge Rs.20 or 0.05% (whichever is lower).
  3. Upstox also offers brokerage or say commission free direct mutual funds investment (SIP’s)
  4. If we talk about Margin at Upstox, after SEBI Rules on Intraday margin every stockbroker is giving same margin 5X times throughout India, hence this does not matter anymore.
  5. Upstox also gives Margin Trading Facility for up to 2X leverage (50% funds) from Upstox for Equity Delivery trading or buying certain stocks and holding them.

So, if you are thinking of opening a trading/demat/mutual fund combined account, than do not put any second thought.

The account opening process is quite simple and can be done in 3 easy steps. To open an account online, you can sign up using your mobile number through this link. You will receive an OTP to your number and you can get started with the process.

You will be required to enter your PAN, bank account details and personal details to continue with the sign-up.

Once you sign up you need to upload certain documents such as Pancard, Aadhar.


My Opinion On Upstox App:

Overall, Upstox Pro App is one of the best mobile app if you want to invest and trade in stock market without any doubt.

However usefulness such as best fundamental and technical analysis tools and resources, speed, user interface of mobile app can’t be the only factor.

One need to look for the complete picture such as lower brokerage and other charges, segments (Equity, FnO, Commodity, currency) in which a client trade, Investing opportunities other then stock market such as SIP’s in mutual fund, IPO, NFO, SGB, ETF, Digital Gold, etc.

Other then this third party tool integration to trading platform such as Sensibull, smallcase, tickertape etc. are also available at Upstox Pro app.

All in all everything which can make trading and investing experience more pleasant and worthy enough is what makes Upstox Pro App as one of the best mobile trading app in India.

They are now at the top position in India for having the most active clients and can be trusted without any doubt.  The charges and brokerages are very much reasonable in comparison to any other stock brokers, if you are thinking of opening a trading/demat/mutual fund combined account, than do not put any second thought.

So, if you are more of a trader making intraday trades on daily basis and looking for investing and trading in other segments than you should go with Upstox without any doubt.

If I have to rate upstox App overall I will give it 9.6 out of 10, So, go ahead and open an free account now.

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