7 Top Trading Apps In India In 2024 – The Most Trusted Ones

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If you are looking to find out the the top trading apps in India to invest and trade in stock market than you are at right place. In this post I will be presenting you not only the top trading apps but to guide you to avoid the worst one as well.

Yes, choosing the right trading app is one of the important steps to be taken, however many people make huge mistakes before finding the right one.

This happens due to the lack of information as well as about the wrong information available on internet, because of this one may choose the worst stock trading app rather then the best one and loose his/her hard earned money.

As there are more than 300+ stock trading apps available on playstore today in India, in other words similar number of stockbrokers as per the latest available NSE Data, it is quite a possibility to be selecting the wrong one.

Even the stockbroking companies sometime makes wrong promises and even have hidden charges associated, hence it becomes very important for you to only choose the best ones.

Keep in mind that, If you have the best trading platform than most of your trading and investing related issues get resolved automatically otherwise you might need to call the broker every now and than and face unnecessary hurdles.

Another important aspect to keep in perspective before choosing a stockbroker is not just the mobile trading app but the desktop/laptop, downloadable as well as web version should also have great technical and fundamental analysis tools and resources, it should be user friendly, intuitive with ease of placing orders.

Having said that, never ever consider just one USP while you choose any stockbroker i.e. to say a best broker is one who has all the services for users such as lower brokerage and other charges, segments (Equity, FnO, Commodity, currency) in which a client trade, Investing opportunities other then stock market such as SIP’s in mutual fund, IPO, NFO, SGB, ETF, Digital Gold, Bonds, Government Securities etc.

Other then this third party tool integration such as Sensibull, smallcase, Tickertape, Streak, Refinitiv or any inhouse built software etc. are also need to be kept in mind.

All in all everything which can make trading and investing experience more pleasant and worthy enough is what makes moneycontain top trading apps in India.

So, do not consider below list only as the top trading apps in India but the best stockbroker in overall comparison of various different services, tools and other resources available with them.

Just to let you know I have account with all this brokers whose trading app I am about to review, and based on their mobile apps performance this post has been created instead of just plain information.

I have also discussed the reason for these stock trading apps to be my favorite, So without any further delay lets us directly move to check who are in moneycontain top trading apps list this year.


7 Top Trading Apps In India In 2024:

  1. Dhan Mobile App
  2. Zerodha Kite App
  3. ICICIdirect App
  4. Upstox Pro App
  5. Fyers Market App
  6. 5Paisa App
  7. Espresso By Sharekhan App


Stock Broker
Overall App Rating 
A/C Opening / AMC Charges
Open Account Now
Free For Limited Time Period
Rs.200/Rs.300 yearly AMC charges
Free For Limited Time Period
Free For Limited Time Period
Free For Limited Time Period
Free/ Rs.25 per month AMC Charges
Free/Rs.400 yearly AMC charges


Above overall rating is based on all the prominent features not only for mobile apps but for other trading platform such as browser or web based version, downloadable version, brokerages, account opening charges etc.

You can read the complete review and comparison of these best stock brokers here.

Let us review these best trading app in India hierarchy wise, will see the features and services offered by all above apps as well as reviews and ratings by users on google play store for this 7 top trading apps one by one.


Review Of Top Trading Apps In India In 2024:

Below are the some of the most prominent features of these top stock trading apps in India in detail:

Dhan Mobile App :

Dhan Option Trading App Review

Dhan have 3 trading platform for all devices known as Dhan App for Mobile, Dhan for desktop web version and dedicated option trading platform (Web + App) by dhan.

It is not possible to review all of them under one post however, will review the dhan mobile app and as the functionalities and features remains same across different version hence it does not matter.

I find this new discount broker Dhan which is giving tough competition to Zerodha because apart from lower brokerages and free account opening with no AMC honestly it has one of the best web based trading platform I have personally seen and it beats even the Zerodha trading platform due to the various features available under the same page such as technical, advanced option chain data, fundamentals of company, financials etc. 

What make them different and currently at the top is they have a dedicated option trading app and web version available with custom option strategy builder inbuilt in their trading platform for users.

Dhan also gives Margin Trading Facility (MTF) for up to 4X leverage (75% funds) from Dhan for Equity Delivery trading. You can buy 950+ stocks and hold them for unlimited period of time.

Dhan also offers another feature known as WelathBasket, it is a basket of stocks/ETFs, based on a strategy, theme or idea. WealthBaskets are professionally managed and help you invest in Stock Markets in a systematic way.

Dhan have also made tie up with smallcase for making portfolio based investment moreover they do have a stock recommendation tool as well which gives long term investment ideas known as Stratzy.

Dhan has also partnered with Tactic who provides Trade Ideas & Strategies of top SEBI registered traders in currently 3 modes – Intraday, Positional & BTST. This feature will greatly help the new as well as experience traders.

1Cliq by oipulse is integrated with Dhan which helps fast traders to identify trends especially scalpers. You can have trade execution with pre defined SL, auto Trailing SL, MTM target and stop loss are some of it’s amazing features.

There are many more features which I won’t be discussing here but the crux of the matter is Zerodha’s top position from last several years had been challenged by Dhan broker for sure and after experiencing their platform I recommend it as my top broker for 2024.

Some Of The Top Features of Dhan Mobile App:

  • Trade directly from TradingView charts (tv.dhan.co)
  • Get Instant Margin Benefits by pledging shares
  • Manage Risk in detail and add stop-loss to open positions
  • Identify key price levels and set up support and resistance with Daily & Weekly CPR indicators
  • Reverse Position in 1-tap and save brokerage
  • Calculate the brokerage before placing the order with Transaction Estimator
  • Access Advanced Option Chain with weekly and monthly expiries for all stocks and indices
  • Get Qualitative & Quantitative insights on listed share market companies
  • Track the performance of invested stocks and View Returns by XIRR & CAGR
  • Get instant share market live alerts when a stock crosses the price or volume they specify with Price Alerts
  • Invest systematically and regularly via SIP in stocks
  • Benchmark and track their returns with 12 major Indices in stock market India with Alphaview
  • Place buy/sell orders for the next trading day after the share market has closed with After Market Orders
  • Create multiple orders for the same or different stocks & club them together in a single go with Basket Orders
  • Place a Forever or Good till Triggered orders on the platform


Dhan mobile App have been downloaded on playstore for more than 1 million with a user rating of 4.3 which also shows the trust they have created among users within small time period.

You can add- withdraw funds directly, create or back-test trading strategies use DHAN API to trade and lot more.

The user interface is so clean and up to the mark, you can easily know which icon will do what, as the moment you will hover to any it will tell you the functionality of it.

So all in all Dhan trading platform has everything what is needed for a hassle-free trading platform.

Open a Free Dhan trading/demat account with Zero Annual Maintenance Charges online here


Zerodha Kite Mobile App: 

Review of Best Mobile Trading App In India:


Second in the list is Zerodha Kite mobile app by the way they use to be my number one choice but since I started using Dhan trading platform I find it more better than zerodha. Leaving aside my love for dhan, Zerodha were the first one who bought this significant change in the broking industry.

Only after them more new discount brokers came up with new tech innovation and made incredible trading platform for users.

But, what make zerodha kite mobile app different is its features but before we talk about the features let see the google playstore ratings, I have not added the IOS rating because all services are same for both operating systems.


zerodha mobile app kite ratings


As you can see with 4.3 ratings on playstore out of more than 1.94 lacs review, it shows Zerodha Kite acceptance amongst it users.

Zerodha’s Kite Android app offers same functionalities as of Zerodha Kite web version, it’s Clean & intuitive UI, super fast and super light back-end helps in for all your investment and trading needs.

Features of Zerodha Kite Mobile App:

  • -Built from scratch using brand new technologies
  • -Significant speed improvements
  • -Brand new design, everything from login to the order window
  • -Biometric (fingerprint and Face ID – iOS) 2FA for seamless logins and better security
  • -Embedded Console reports and widgets
  • TradingView charts along with ChartIQ on both web and mobile with more than 100+indicators
  • -Universal overview screen for all instruments
  • -Instant status update after order placement
  • -Order update push notifications
  • -Extended filter and search options on MarketWatch, holdings etc.
  • -Customisable multi-MarketWatch views
  • -Multi-exit on positions
  • -Seamless login to other apps in the Zerodha Universe
  • -Dark mode!

You can easily do fundamental and technical analysis for all segments, moreover apart from trading app zerodha in partner with other financial tech companies provide many other services which are built on these apps, such as Sensibull, Smallcase, Refinitiv, streak, Sentinel, Coinbase, nudge etc.

Zerodha in itself is the universe, whether you are a beginner or experience trader and investor, zerodha has all resources set at one place for you.

To open an account with Zerodha right away click on this link.


ICICIDirect Mobile App:


ICICIDirect mobile app


Although, personally speaking I am not a big fan of many banks private or government who are in broking business due to various reasons, but ICICI direct which is a full-time broker is an exception.

ICICIdirect.com is a part of ICICI Securities and offers retail trading and investment services in India. ICICI Direct was founded in the year 2000.

ICICI Direct offers 3-in-1 accounts which includes ICICI bank account, ICICI trading account, and ICICI demat account. The 3-in-1 trading account gives you the convenience of opening a demat, trading & bank account. However opening a bank account is optional.

ICICI direct has a wide range of financial products and services related to investment banking, institutional broking, retail broking, private wealth management etc.

ICICI Direct has facility to invest in Equity, Derivatives, Commodity, Currency Futures, Mutual Funds, IPOs along other services like, advisory (stock recommendations), Fixed Deposits, Loans, Tax Services, New Pension Systems, and Insurance, PMS, NPS, RD, NSC etc.

If we talk about the ICICIDirect market app, this is the latest new app launched as the earlier version was not up to the mark and have playstore rating of jut 3.2, hence recently they came up with the new app for trading and investing.

If we talk about the ICICI Direct playstore ratings for this latest version, the installs are above 1lakh+ and it’s rating stands at 4.2, As many users are still not aware about this version it still has less number of installation, most of its users which by the way is more than 2.9 million (active) is using the older version.

ICICIDirect App Key Features:

  • Monitor Live: Monitor data live and view F&O, NSE Nifty 50, & BSE Sensex charts on your App to track your investments’ status. Get live market updates and keep up with market trends.
  • Latest updates: View the latest news, market movements, and trends to assess how they affect your investments.
  • Watchlists and Wishlist’s: Create multiple watchlists of various investment products like shares, stocks, mutual funds, IPO launches, etc., to track your existing and probable future investments.
  • Quick Order Placement: Place your buy and sell orders in your chosen share market securities in seconds, using your curated watchlist.
  • Technical Charts: Compare various scrips, track ongoing and upcoming events, corporate actions, etc., on our exclusive charting tool.
  • Research Ideas: Make guided investing decisions after assessing trending, expertly curated investment ideas.
  • Shares as Margin: Generate instant limits with your existing shares in your DEMAT Account.
  • Instant Money Credit: Get money in your Account within 5 minutes of selling shares with the e-ATM facility available on our online trading app.
  • Buy Now, Pay Later: Now enjoy the buy now, pay later facility to trade shares and stocks. Use MTF (Margin Trading Funding) to buy stocks now and pay later anytime within 365 days, at attractive interest rates.
  • Easy IPO Application: Apply to the latest IPO in a few simple steps with the enhanced user experience and interface on the ICICIdirect trading app.
  • One Click Equity: Build your own low-cost, long-term and diversified portfolios with the One Click Equity feature offered by ICICIdirect.
  • Portfolio Diversification: Get access to various investment products like Equity, Mutual Funds, SGBs, Upcoming IPOs, Bonds, Index Funds, ETFs, FDs, etc., and diversify your investment portfolio.

To sum it up, the dynamic structure and interface as well as its robust features, correctly makes ICICIDirect Markets App an image of the Best Stock market app to be conceived digitally.

Moreover, with ICICIDirect you can also invest in US Markets easily within few steps.

Overall, ICICIDirect is a one stop solution for trading and investing in any financial instruments in India. It has everything setup at one place, if you open account with them there is no need to look for any extra service here and there.

Hence rest assured and click here to open an free trading/demat/Bank Account (optional) at ICICIDirect online within minutes and get additional benefits worth ₹ 12,099 for a limited time period*


Upstox Pro Mobile App:

upstox pro mobile app review


Fourth in the list is Upstox Pro, it is the best mobile trading app which has inbuilt all the major tools, indicator and resources as it has in upstox Pro web based platform.

Upstox Pro helps you trade and analyze the Indian stock markets in real-time. Cutting edge charting tools, and live market data make it one of the most renowned stock market trading apps in India.

Upstox is India’s largest investment platforms trusted by over 90 lakh investors. This easy-to-use app will help you with all your investment needs. Now you can invest in stocks, mutual funds, gold, IPOs, and futures & options with this state-of-the-art investment platform.

Key Features of Upstox Pro Mobile App:

Invest in Stocks:

  • Easy, fast, and secure way to invest in the stock market
  • Zero brokerage on stock investments
  • Access charts, financial data, and news related to every stock to make informed decisions

Invest in Mutual Funds:

  • Choose from more than 2,000 mutual fund schemes
  • Don’t pay any commission fees by investing in direct mutual funds
  • Track your investment portfolio in real-time

Invest in Digital Gold:

  • Buy 24 karat, 99.9% pure gold
  • Safety is assured as gold is stored in secured vaults
  • Start investing from as low as Re 1
  • Buy or sell real-time with lock-in only for the first 5 days from purchase

Intraday and F&O:

  • View OHCL (Open High Close Low) data to make better trading decisions
  • Use stop-loss feature to minimize loss
  • Access pre and post-trade analytics, intelligent drawing tools, 100+ charts, 250+ indicators with ChartIQ and Trading View
  • Place an order from where you are, be it charts, scrip details, or market depth

Invest in IPOs:

  • Invest in stocks as soon as the company issues them
  • Apply for an IPO and track status online effortlessly
  • Buy stocks at the original value and avoid the impact of market demand

Ready-made Option Strategies:

  • Pre-curated option strategies in NIFTY and BANK NIFTY
  • Helpful insights – profit probability, maximum P&L, and funds required
  • Interactive pay-off graph to know ‘take-home’ amounts at different levels
  • Strategy orders grouped as one to easily track P&L of the entire strategy

Ready-made Option Strategies is available only on the new Upstox app. Upstox is the first broker to have an in-app options trading tool that provides ready-made option strategies.

The ratings on play store for upstox mobile app is 4.5 with more than 2.9 lacs users reviewed it, which is much better than any other broker and highest stockbroker rated app as of now.


best trading app review


With Upstox Pro mobile app you can make the most of stock market investment and trading. Apart from this upstox also has an API for developers who wants to create their own platform in programming languages such as python.

Upstox as an stockbroker has made its place in the Indian stock broker industry with their fast and efficient trading platforms, sophisticated charting software’s combined with speed and reliability as well ease of opening the account online paperless.

Moreover apart from trading app Upstox in partner with other financial tech companies provide many other services which are built on these apps, such as Sensibull, Smallcase, Tickertape, Sentinel, etc.

The charges and brokerages are very much reasonable in comparison to other brokers, if you are thinking of opening a trading/demat/mutual fund combined account, than do not put any second thought.

To open an account with Upstox right away click on this link and open account with Rs.0 AMC (limited time period)*


Fyers Mobile App:


fyers mobile app review


Fyers mobile trading app has inbuilt all the major tools, indicator and resources as have in fyers web based platform. FYERS gives you fast, reliable and seamless trading experience in Indian markets across all segments on major exchanges.

Trade Entry & Exit is fast with easy navigation from watchlists, trading & positions. Also, get state of the art charting with 22+ years of historical EOD, 2+ years of Intraday historical data.

If we talk about ratings on playstore, with more than 54k reviews users the rating stands at 4.3.

Key Features of Fyers Mobile App:

  • – Intuitive UI & simple to use.
  • – TradingView Charts with 24+ years of historical EOD data
  • – 2+ years of intraday historical data
  • – Trade from charts
  • – Chart settings synced with FYERS Web
  • – Historical & Realtime charts available for spot indices
  • – Pre-defined Watchlists
  • – Watchlists synced with FYERS Web
  • – Use App & Web simultaneously
  • – Add Favorites for Quick Access
  • – Easy to Use Options chain
  • – Quick access to Support
  • – Biometric & Pattern-based passwords
  • – Access to Back Office records
  • – All major exchanges available (NSE, BSE, MCX)

On every trading platform given by fyers there is a link inbuilt, which takes you to back-office login where you can see your ledger, contract notes, profit loss statement, your portfolio and holdings.

Overall, every trading platform offered by fyers have everything a trader or investor need, there is nothing to complaint about and with time in future you may see some more extraordinary features.

A company which is just 5.6 years old, have made itself a brand within this period. There are more than 300+ stockbrokers in India which are working from so long, but Fyers has created its own place. This a significant example of how a startup should work.

So don’t wait, go ahead and open an free account with fyers now through this link and you would also get Zero AMC Charges for a limited time period*.


5Paisa Mobile App:


5paisa mobile app review


With more than 6+ million installs, 5paisa mobile app is one of the best stock market trading apps in India, that suits both beginners and traders. It’s a free and easy to use trading app.

With the app, you can get live updates from NSE, BSE and MCX markets, access world-class charting tools with advance studies, analyse stock market trends, and trade on-the-go.

If you are new to trading, you can learn everything about investing in the share market through learning videos.

If we talk about the 5paisa playstore ratings, with more than 1.78 lacs user reviews it’s rating stands at 4.2.


5paisa mobile app ratings


Key Feature of 5Paisa Mobile App:

  • Exposure: Get the highest exposure for your intraday and delivery trading with our value add-on packs
  • All-in-one: Trade in Equity, Derivatives, Commodity and Currency segments
  • Live Tracking: Get live updates on stock prices and quotes from NSE, BSE & MCX
  • Transfer funds easily: Authorise fund transfers easily within the 5paisa app via Netbanking of over 40 banks or via UPI for your trading
  • Charting: Cutting edge charts with a wide range of studies and drawing functionalities for advanced technical analysis
  • One-click order placement: Execute trades at lightning-fast speed with a single click
  • Research: Access industry’s best stock research & tips to help you decide when to Buy and Sell stocks with the help of products like – Smart Investor, Swing trader, Sensibull, Smallcases, Screeners
  • Watchlist: Create multi-asset watchlist, synced across devices
  • Alerts: Set price alerts for instant updates via mobile notifications based on real-time market feeds
  • Robo Investment Advisor: A unique feature to help you build a customised portfolio suited to your needs and risk profile
  • More products: Invest in direct mutual funds, buy digital gold, buy insurance and take personal loans from the same app

All the functions that you see in the web based version are available with the mobile app of 5paisa. Moreover, with 5Paisa you can also invest in US Markets easily within few steps.

What makes 5Paisa different from other is not only the services offered by them but the free trading, Demat and mutual fund account, you do not have to pay a single penny to open the account, moreover you can use the services and see if its suits your need.

Secondly, the kind of technological advancement in there trading platforms, apart from this they offer PMS (portfolio management services), insurance, loans, gold investment, research advisory.

You have the option to take paid subscription plan for even a month at as low as Rs.299.

So, go ahead and open an free 5Paisa account now through here and get Rs.250 credit for a limited time period*  there is nothing to lose its a win-win deal.


Espresso By Sharekhan Mobile App:


espresso mobile app review


Sharekhan has launched a separate entity called Espresso for discount brokerage services.

Espresso offers trade execution facilities for equity cash and derivatives segments on BSE and NSE, commodities trading facilities on MCX and NCDEX as well as in currency segment.

They have partnered with both CDSL and NSDL for depository services. The basic idea of espresso is to help clients succeed by ensuring that they have more money in their hands by not paying brokerage on loss-making intra-day trades, or simply put ”pay-when-you-profit-pricing model”.

One of the USP of Myespresso broker is they provide free intraday stock recommendation to trade which is very useful for a novice trader.

The espresso mobile app playstore ratings are 4.3 with 5.4 k users reviewed, this is because the company just got launched last year in 2020 in month of September.

But it has potential to perform better ratings in future with kind of innovating team Espresso have plus the back of one of the largest and oldest full-time stock broker in India i.e. Sharekhan.

Key Feature of Espresso Mobile App:

  • – Create watchlists of your favourite stocks and F&O and Currency segments
  • – Multi-Exchange streaming of MarketWatch with more details about scrips and contracts
  • – Tick-by-tick refresh of stock rates, multiple prices, and graphs
  • – Latest prices of Sensex and NIFTY
  • – Heat map of all indices
  • – In-app EoD Reports
  • – Stay logged in even after closing the app
  • – Transfer funds from your bank account to your Espresso account in seconds!


  • Enhanced live charts (Renko, Line, Candlestick, Bar, Area) with more time frames (ranging from 1 minute to 1 year), tracker ball and advanced chart studies ensure you stay on top of your game
  • Fast refresh rates for stocks, multiple prices and graphs
  • Fresh Dashboard for a comprehensive view of what’s happening in the market at all times
  • In-depth market movers of stocks and Futures and Options
  • A variety of order placements in one place – normal order, MIS, MIS+, Bracket Orders (BO)


  • – Circumspect financial information at your fingertips to enhance your investments!
  • – Simplified access to your investment portfolio, reports and market movers
  • – Watchlists, MarketWatch, IPOs

Espresso by Sharekhan might be new in discount broking industry but as we know being a subsidiary of Sharekhan it has support as well as the experience that any new start-up requires.

Having said that, Espresso seems to be a perfect choice for anyone who is looking to open an trading/demat account, moreover there are no charges as of now to open an account so nothing to lose at all.

Get additional benefits with Espresso when you open an account through this link. Such as 1 year MoneyFlix subscription free and also a 30% discount on Espresso trade booster learning program.


My Opinion On Top Trading Apps In India:

All above mentioned stockbroker has made there place in the Indian stock broker industry with their fast and efficient trading platforms, low brokerages charges, sophisticated charting software’s combined with speed and reliability as well ease of opening the account online paperless.

All above stockbrokers and their stock trading apps are the best and Honestly No Other App Can Beat Them as of now.

So, whether you are a beginner or experienced trader and investor in stock market you should open an account with these stockbrokers, now it is up to you to decide and selecting that suits your need.

Having said that Dhan, ICICIDirect, Upstox and Zerodha is any day my favorite stock brokers while comparing with others.

If, you have liked the content please do share it with your friends or on social media, as sharing do bring the good karma. If you have any questions or feedback you can leave them in comment box below.

Note: Please do your own research and make investment. Moneycontain will not be responsible for any of your losses at all. The point made is for educational purpose only and intended to give information. All investments are subject to risks, which should be considered prior to making any investments.

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