Technical Analysis in stock market


What Is Technical Analysis And How To Do It?

Technical analysis in stock market is very crucial, as it helps the traders and investors to be better positioned than others who don’t do it. Without technical analysis you can not trade profitable, simply buying on assumptions, news or stock tips given by someone does not work.

If you are a beginner in share market learning technical analysis is the first thing you should do before even making any trade. But, you might think how to start or from where to start, do not worry on this page you have the answer for all your questions.

I have ranked technical analysis guide from basic to advanced, the only thing which demands is your action. No one can force you to read, understand and than implement this strategies, it is you who has to do it.

You have to keep in mind that, it is your hard earned money which you are using to trade or invest, and if you are responsible enough you would do it carefully.

I have tried to avoid technical jargons while explaining every topic, which makes it easy even for a newbie to grasp and understand. As an suggestion I would tell you to go step by step, as it is designed in such a way.

Incase you are beginner I would suggest first to read this amazing guide to clear the basics related to stock market and than continue with technical analysis.

I hope and wish you great trading, investing and learning experience.


Technical Analysis In Stock Market For Beginners – Monster Guide 2021

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