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If you are thinking to open an trading and demat account with Sharekhan than you should read this Sharekhan review before doing so, reason being this Sharekhan review will help you to access all the information at one place in a nutshell.

Whether you want to know about the brokerages, margin, trading platform, account opening charges or any other important aspect related to them this post has all the information.

So, let us begin by looking at a history and than we gradually move on to other important features.


About Sharekhan:

Sharekhan was Founded by SSKI Group in the year 2000 and is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas since November 2016. BNP Paribas is among the leading corporate banks in India. BNP Paribas Group is a leading European bank with a strong global footprint across 71 markets and more than 202,624 employees.

BNP Paribas is also listed in Euronext Paris, France’s securities market. However, Sharekhan is not listed in India on any exchanges as of now.

Sharekhan is also one of the first brokers who started online trading in India. As per NSE data Sharekhan currently have 8,74,407 active clients and around 20 lakh total customers. They have around 153 branches and more than 2400 business partners spread across over 541 locations.

Sharekhan offers a wide range of savings & investment solutions including equities, futures and options, currency trading, portfolio management, research and mutual funds. Sharekhan offers trade execution facilities for equity cash and derivatives segments on BSE and NSE, commodities trading facilities on MCX and NCDEX.

They have partnered with both CDSL and NSDL for depository services. Other than this they are also in education related to finance.

List Of Products Sharekhan Offers:

Sharekhan Products
Trading/Demat Services
Commodity Trading
Currency Trading
IPO Services
Stock Recommendations
Robo Advisory
 Financial Learning
Mutual Funds/SIP


Other than this Sharekhan also offers NRI service for non-resident Indians.


Sharekhan Review On Brokerages:

Let us now review Sharekhan on brokerages it charges to its customer in different segment. However, I must tell you in the era of discount broking companies such as Upstox, 5Paisa, Fyers, Zerodha, who offers flat brokerages of Rs.20 per order or even below, Sharekhan is still charging the much higher brokerage.

Recently, I have heard news about Sharekhan coming to discount broking business and most probably they will going to launch the product in 2021, I hope than this brokerage charges will not impact new traders and investors to be part of them.

Having said that, may be the brokerages are little high but there are lot of other services offered by Sharekhan being a full-time broker such as stock recommendation, investment in bonds, SIP, portfolio management service etc.

Update: To overcome this  recently launched discount brokerage firm by Sharekhan, Espresso offering no brokerage charge on losing trades, checkout Review here. 


Below is the default brokerage plan for customers who don’t choose any particular subscription plan for brokerage.

Brokerage Charges
Basic Plan
Equity Futures
Equity Options
Rs.100 per Lot or 2.5% of Premium (whichever is higher)
Currency Future
Currency Options
Rs 30/- per lot or 2.5% on premium (whichever is higher)


0.1% means Rs.100 on 1 lakh, which is quite high.

Other than above they have a prepaid brokerage plan, it means you pay a subscription fee upfront to reduce the brokerages while you trade. Below is the list given for the brokerage charges according to the upfront fee paid.

Sharekhan Prepaid Brokerage Plan:


Sharekhan Review On Brokerages


As you can see, if you opt for any plan you need to pay the subscription fee on yearly basis, the margin does gets reduced but you have to make sure whether the trading frequency of yours in a year are even worth by paying a fee.


Sharekhan Review On Margin:

Margin in stock market refers to buying/selling of securities (shares) by borrowing money from your broker. This is very much similar to taking loan for short period of time. This helps traders in buying or selling more with less money in intraday trading.

If you are an active trader or a beginner who knows what exactly going on with recent changes brought by SEBI, Higher Margin won’t be a factor anymore, now the competition among the broking industry is in terms of better trading platforms and lower brokerages plans.

The upfront margin collection in cash segment has been kept at flat 20%, which means now the leverage for all stocks would be 5x also the penalty provision for short-collection/ non-collection of upfront margin in cash segment.

This means regardless of any broker you won’t get more than 5X times margin in equity cash segment and in FNO you need to have the full margin span+exposure to take any position.

You can read more about it here.

Therefore, the margin or leverages offered will be equal irrespective of the stock brokers in India going forward. Keep in mind this also applies to Currency and commodity derivatives as well.

For example: if there is a 20% margin requirement on a particular stock, then you will have to pay only Rs.20 to buy a stock of Rs.100. Another way to look at it is that if you have Rs.100, you will be able to buy five stocks instead of one.

Hence, the margin requirement will be same for all brokers including Sharekhan for intraday trading in equites and derivatives.

One need to understand taking more margin means more risk and chances of your money getting wiped out is even more, so it is always advisable to use it in limited way.

So going forward please choose stock broker not in terms of margin or leverage as it is same for all brokers through out India.

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Sharekhan Account Opening Charges(Trading/Demat):

Thanks to the cutting edge competition between brokers online, now even the full-time broker have to open the trading and demat account free for the customers.

Sharekhan trading and demat account chargesRs.0

Annual maintenance charge – Free for first year Rs.400 annually from second year

Sharekhan doesn’t charge for any Depository Participant (DP) transactions. The transfer of share from and to the DP account is free.

What documents are required to open Account With Sharekhan?

When you open an account at Sharekhan, the first step is to choose whether you want open a trading account or an InstaMf Account.

Trading Account is for trading financial instruments such as stocks, derivatives like future & options, currency, commodity while InstaMF is for investing in mutual funds.

You just need to enter your mobile, name, email, city of residence and signup, once done you need to upload the documents given below online. Incase you need help or stuck somewhere in the process or have any query the sales team will contact you asap.

Checkout recently launched discount brokerage firm by Sharekhan, Espresso Review here. 

You have to upload the following documents and all documents should be self-attested.

  • Pan card copy
  • Proof of residence – a copy of Aadhar card, ration card, passport, driving license, bank statement not more than 2 months old
  • Saving account detail – cheque leaf with name printed on it or 2 copies of passbook first page & latest transaction entry or latest bank statement
  • Latest passport size photograph – 2 copies

If you want to trade with futures and options, you have to make an additional registration. After that, you have to upload any of the following documents:

  • Acknowledged copy of ITR
  • Bank statement for last 6 months
  • Latest salary slip
  • Copy of form 16 in case of salaried individuals
  • Net worth certificate duly certified by a chartered accountant

Sharekhan Other Charges List:

This charges are same for all brokers as charged by the government.

Transaction Charges
0.00275% of Total Turnover
0.0126% of Total Turnover
SEBI Turnover Charges
0.0002% of Total Turnover
Stamp Duty
Depends on State/UT
18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)

Sharekhan Transaction Charges:

Transaction Charges (or Exchange Turnover Charges) is a fee charged by the stock exchanges for trades done through them.

Transaction Charges
Equity Delivery: 0.125% (Both sides)
Equity Intraday: 0.025% (sell side)
Derivatives (Futures): 0.017% (sell side)
Derivatives (Options): 0.017% only on sell side if squared off. (On premium)

Sharekhan intraday auto square-off time?

Sharekhan auto square-off all open intraday positions at 3:30 PM.

PAY ONLY WHEN YOU PROFIT – Flat Rs 20 per order, For Intraday trades across all segments (ZERO DELIVERY BROKERAGE) Free online paper-less account opening within 15 minutes.


Sharekhan Review On Trading Platform/ Mobile App:

Sharekhan offers four trading platform for its users:

  1. Sharekhan Web/browser based trading platform which can be opened online
  2. Sharekhan Mini  is designed for users who want to trade through their mobile phones or have a low Internet bandwidth like 2g, 3g
  3. Sharekhan App for Android and IOS users
  4. Sharekhan Trade Tiger is a downloadable desktop based trading platform

Although the functionalities are same for all but you get the maximum features with better user interface in the web and mobile app. The downloadable version i.e. trade tiger platform is also good for both traders and investors. However the interface may seem a bit old.


Sharekhan Review On Trading Platform/App


The web based platform is customizable and have lot of features. The enhanced live charts like Renko, Line, Candlestick, Bar, Area with more time frames ranging from 1 minute to 1 year and advanced chart studies.


Sharekhan Web/browser based trading platform


Dashboard for a comprehensive view of what’s happening in the market at all times with easily refresh rate of stocks, multiple prices, and graphs.


Sharekhan Trade Tiger


In-depth market stats of stocks, futures, and options. Place different types of orders – Normal Order, Sell against Margin (SAM), Big Trade, Big Trade Plus, Bracket orders (BO. Trade smart with new trading ideas on Pattern Finder every day.

Pattern Finder is a tool that analyzes stocks and indices, extracts profitable opportunities and delivers the information to you need to make the most of it.

  • It scans stocks in all supported markets every night, based on standards of Technical Analysis.
  • It shows charts, patterns and predicts prices.
  • It delivers this information to you via SMS and email alerts before the market opens the next day.
  • Pattern Finder saves you a lot of time and effort
  • It equips you with critical pattern recognition information and trading ideas.
  • It delivers profitable trading opportunities.

For Investors the Sharekhan trading platform provides lot of research and analytics data:

1. Easy access to all financial data, portfolio, watchlist, mutual funds, MarketWatch, reports, IPO, indices, market stats, share market news etc.
2. Create, pause, and modify your SIPs anytime you want
3. Place orders to purchase or redeem mutual funds based on NAV, just like stocks
4. Enjoy the convenience of one-tap investments in mutual funds by setting up auto-pay, a one time mandate to automate investments in SIP and Lumpsum.
5. Select from hand-picked SIP and mutual funds through SIP
6. Plan investments for your financial goals with NEO, a goal-based investment tool

Other Features:

1.Multi-Exchange streaming of MarketWatch with more details about Scrips and Contracts
2.Create Watchlist of your favorite stocks, mutual funds, futures, options and currency
3.Tick by tick refresh of stock rates, multiple prices, and graphs
4.Latest quotes of stocks, mutual funds, derivatives and currencies from BSE, NSE &
5.Latest prices of Sensex, NIFTY and international markets
7.Transfer funds from your bank to Sharekhan Account

For Education & Training:
1. Explore the online modules to kick start your stock market learning in Sharekhan Classroom, absolutely free!
2. Register to Online Trading academy courses through the App.
3. Stay tuned to our trading offers on App.


ShareKhan Review - You Should Be Aware Of This 5 Important Things


Other than this there are more than 70 technical indicators and tools available to easily do the technical analysis of stocks and index.

There are many features available which can’t be explained in one single post, having said that the platform is good enough for all kind of users. Sharekhan also offers the API services which can be use to integrate with other platform such as Amibroker etc.


Sharekhan Free Call N Trade:

Dial-N-Trade is a free service, which enables you to place trading orders via telephone. You can call on Sharekhan dedicated numbers –  022-25752900 or 022-25752300 or 022-33054900 to be directed to a tele broker. 

Types Of Orders At Sharekhan:


sharekhan what is trigger price


You can use the following order types:

  • Market
  • Limit
  • Stop-loss
  • Bracket
  • Bracket and Trailing

If you are not familiar with the basic order types, read this post.


Types Of Orders At Sharekhan


There are also order time limits you can use:

  • Good till day (GTD)
  • Good till time (GTT)
  • Immediate or Cancel (IOC)
  • Fill or Kill (FOK)
  • Day+EXT
  • All or Nothing (AON)


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

Which is better Sharekhan or Zerodha?

In my opinion Zerodha is better than Sharekhan in terms of trading platform and brokerage structure other than having said that Sharekhan offers advisory service which zerodha does not have as of now. So, it depends upon your need.

Is Sharekhan trustworthy?

Yes, they are one of the oldest and largest full-time brokers backed by renowned BNB Paribas bank.

Is Sharekhan free?

Yes, account opening charges are free including no charges for AMC for first year.

Is Sharekhan to launch discount brokerage?

Yes, they have launched the discount brokerage firm known as myespresso by Sharekhan last year 2020 September

Sharekhan is NSDL or CDSL?

Sharekhan has tie-up with both depositories NSDL as well as CDSL


My Opinion On Sharekhan:

To be very honest except brokerages I do not find any other reason not to open an account with Sharekhan, but as I said they are coming in the discount broking and charges for brokerages will be reduced drastically.

Sharekhan Launched Espresso Discount Brokerage Firm Checkout Review Here.

They already comes under top 10 stockbroker in India as of now and when this happens they will be the only company to have all services related to finance at one place accessible through one platform.

Another thing is the backing of BNB Paribas bank, this gives security and assurance to its clients.

If I have to rate Sharekhan out of 10 they deserve not less than 8.6.

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