5Paisa Review On Margin Brokerages Trading Platform – Why 5Paisa Is Best In 2021 ?

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This 5paisa review is very important if you are thinking to open an trading or Demat/ mutual fund account with them. I must tell you before sharing my opinion, whichever broker I do review, I personally experience their service, so that I can present the facts rather than just the information.

Review without using the services is of no importance, just like if you haven’t watched the movie you can’t tell what it has to offer to audience.

In this 5paisa review you will find answers of all the question related to 5paisa at one place. This will not only cover On Margin, Brokerages Trading Platform of 5paisa but each and every services offered by them to its clients.

I have tried to put the most important aspect one look in a broker before opening the account. Just to let you know this review guide is going to be long, you can switch from table of contents to look for the relevant info you want to know.

So, let us proceed and know about, how 5paisa works?

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About 5Paisa:

5paisa is a subsidiary of IIFL Holdings Limited (formerly known as India Infoline Limited), Nirmal Jain is the owner of 5paisa as well as IIFL. However, In 2016, IIFL demerged 5Paisa Digital Undertaking from the company into 5Paisa Capital.

IIFL had invested Rs 100 crore in 5Paisa, a digital platform for all financial products including equities, derivatives, mutual funds, AIFs, bonds & debentures, insurance and personal loans.

So, 5paisa works as an independent company having support of IIFL, Mr. Prakarsh Gagdani is the director and CEO of the company. 5paisa got listed on Indian stock exchange ( BSE and NSE) In Nov,2017. 5paisa is also first Publicly Listed online broking company.

In 2018, they Won “Best Digital Startup of the year” Award where as in 2019, they have been Recognized for ‘Best use of Mobile Technology in Financial Services’.

The total number of active clients are more than 8.5 lakh as per NSE latest data. Which means they have added more than 1.5 lakh clients every year in last 5 years in market. They have a daily turnover of over 50,000 Cr+ with more than 5.5 Million+ app users.

5paisa offers all financial services like Equity Trading, Mutual funds investments, Insurance, Research Products, Commodity and Currency Trading, Digital Gold Investment, Robo Advisory and Personal Loans under one roof. Below image shows you the different segments in which 5paisa are working:


About 5Paisa


This itself shows that 5paisa with their unique products and services will get more momentum in forthcoming years.

5paisa headquartered at Mumbai, near Thane and it is associated with all three major stock exchanges in India NSE, BSE & MCX.

Want to learn how to trade options check out this amazing guide.


5Paisa Review On Margin:

As a matter of great concern for many traders as well as brokers, due to SEBI New Rules For Intraday Margin From December 2020 intraday exposure to get limited in forthcoming months i.e. from December 2020 onwards, I do not find any point discussing the margin offered by both anymore.

The crux of the matter in simple terms is the margin or leverage that many brokers used to give it to their clients for intraday products such as in equity cash segment or futures and option (Equity, Currency, Commodities) segment  will be exponentially reduced and be equal for all brokers.

As of now you as an intraday trader might have enjoyed higher leverages offered by many stock brokers, there was no limit as a matter of fact few brokers which I do not want to name have been giving out 200 to 300 times leverage in equity and up to 100 times leverage in fno.

So, instead of offering advanced or best trading platforms, lower brokerages, better customer service experience or easy online user interface to clients they were selling margin as feature. 

Can you believe the risk in this not only from the broker but from a trader perspective, it is a systemic risk for entire industry. In order to control that fanatic SEBI has to come out with these kind of stricter restrictions.

Which says going forward i.e. from December 01, 2020 to September 2021, in a phased manner the margin will get reduce systematically. Here are the details for the same:

Dec 2020- Feb 2021: Penalty if margin used <25% of VAR+ELM

Mar 2021- May 2021: Penalty if margin used <50% of VAR+ELM

June 2021- Aug 2021: Penalty if margin used <75% of VAR+ELM

Aug 2021 onwards: Penalty if margin used < VAR+ELM

Until Dec, 01 2020 nothing changes, after that every 3 months intraday leverages or margin keep reducing and post September, 01, 2021, there will be no additional margin apart from VAR+ELM for equity and SPAN+EXPOSURE for FNO.

The entire initial margin which is SPAN+Exposure for F&O, and VAR+ELM for equity, has to be collected upfront before taking a trade, even if it is an intraday trade including (MIS, BO, & CO).

You can read in detail about What is VAR+ELM and What is Span+Exposure? here.

These type of intraday products were being offered with additional leverage by the entire broking industry until now.

However, the calculation to give leverage according to the var+elm is quite cumbersome, as every stock has different var+elm, to make it simple the sebi proposed to collect a minimum of VAR+ELM or 20% of trade value has to be collected from the customer upfront before a trade, even for an intraday trade.

Since almost all stocks have VAR+ELM greater than 20%, this essentially means that the maximum intraday leverage that can be provided for stocks is 20% of trade value or 5X times.

Whereas for FNO you need to pay the entire span+exposure margin, which by the way is total margin require for a carryover position (overnight). Having said that there is still plenty of time as this will be done in phased manner

This means regardless of any broker you won’t get more than 5X times margin in equity cash segment and in FNO you need to have the full margin span+exposure to take any position.

However, this will get implemented in a phased manner from Dec, 1,2020 till Sep, 2021, so no need to worry as of now. As a matter of caution I always says every trader to remember that the margin is a double edge sword, the more you take the more riskier your trade becomes. So, it is always advisable to use the margin but in limited way.

Check out the below to know the margin/leverage/exposure offered by zerodha and upstox right now after the phase 1 implementation of SEBI rules.

Which in simple term means:

Maximum of 20 times until Feb 2021

Maximum of 10x from Mar to May 2021

Maximum of 7x from Jun to Aug 2021

Maximum of 5x from Sep 2021 onwards

Above are rough estimates only, it may be more or less similar. check the complete VAR+ELM list here. With 10x leverage, if you have 10k in your account your purchasing power becomes 100k, with 5x leverage it comes down to 50k, so you will have to adjust accordingly.

Margins will increase for Option writing as well, margin requirements will be as below:

  • 25%(4X) of the SPAN + Exposure margins until Feb 2021
  • 50%(2X) of the SPAN + Exposure margins until from Mar to May 2021
  • 75%(1.33X) of the SPAN + Exposure margins until Jun to Aug 2021
  • Full SPAN + Exposure margins from Sep 2021

From 1st Dec 2020, intraday FnO positions needs a margin requirement of 25% of 1L, which is 25,000 for intraday FnO position. This requirement goes-up to 100% of FULL span + exposure margin or full 1L from Sep 2021.

Keep in mind this also applies to Currency and commodity derivatives as well.

So going forward please choose stock broker not in terms of margin or leverage as it is same for all brokers through out India.


5Paisa Review on Add-on Plans & Its Features:

Unlike other brokers, 5paisa offers different services depending upon the subscription package you take at the time of opening the account with them. This means either you do not take any add on plan from 5 paisa and continue using the services with normal features or opt for 2 addon plans that they have.

They provide 2 types of add on Plans:

  1. Power Investor Pack
  2. Ultra Trader Pack


5Paisa Power Investor Pack Review:

If you are someone who does not have either time to do technical or fundamental analysis or you do not have enough knowledge to do so, than 5Paisa power investor pack are best thing you can opt. Having said that as stated above these add on plans are not compulsory at all.


5Paisa Power Investor Pack Review:


Let us know the features and services under 5Paisa power investor plan :

  1. Flat Fee of Rs. 10 per executed order (50% discount)
  2. Stock ideas for intraday and short term trading from another product known as “Swing Trader”
  3. Long term ideas from another product known as “Smart Investor”
  4. Advanced Portfolio Analytics: Compare your portfolio performance with benchmark indices, sectorial concentration and much more
  5. Free Model Portfolio and list of hot stocks to watch out for.
Smart Investor:
  1. Advisory recommendation for long term
  2. Model Portfolio for new customers (track record of 10-15% more return than NIFTY)
  3. Timely communication for BUY & SELL
  4. Get extensive research on over 4000 stocks absolutely FREE
Swing Trader:
  1. Short term recommendations for 2-14 days
  2. Success rate 60-65%
  3. Daily recommendations
  4. Timely communication for BUY & SELL absolutely FREE
  1. Get Market Evaluation
  2. Daily Market Outlook
Portfolio Analyzer:
  1. Track your Portfolio
  2. Create benchmark
  3. NAV of equity portfolio – a first in the industry
  4. Check your buy sell decisions

So basically under power investor pack you get the best trading and investment ideas. Hence if you are trader or investor looking for short, mid or long term form of investment or trading than you can atleast give it a try for a month.


5Paisa Ultra Trader Pack Pack Review:

5Paisa ultra trader pack as the name suggest is basically for someone who do more of intraday trading plus investment.


5Paisa Ultra Trader Pack Pack Review:


Free Trades
First 100 trades FREE every month
Brokerage Flat Rs. 10 per executed order from 101st trade for all segments
Options writing exposure Up to 4 times on all days
Call and Trade Free
Smart Maintenance Free
DP Charges
Net Banking Pay In Charges Free
Smart Investor
Swing Trader
Portfolio Analyzer Available

Note: 18% GST applicable on all the above mentioned charges

Also, keep in mind that subscription charges are payable either Monthly or Annually and once paid is non -refundable.

Incase you do not opt for any such add-on pack from 5paisa these features and services won’t be available for you.

Can I cancel my 5Paisa add on pack? How can I do the same?

Yes. You may cancel your 5paisa add on pack. If you wish to cancel your subscription payments, simply login to the 5paisa App and navigate to My Subscriptions. However, if the subscription plan is not cancelled, the same shall be renewed automatically for the same term, after its expiry.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my 5Paisa add-on plan? Which features will be applicable?

Yes. You may upgrade or down grade your 5paisa add-on plan whenever you wish to do so. To change your plan, visit the website 5paisa.com or log into the 5paisa Mobile App and select desired Plan from the Subscription Details section. All features will be applicable during billing cycle.

What happens if I cancel 5Paisa add-on plan early?

If you cancel early, subscription charges shall not be refunded however you shall continue to use the benefits of the subscription plan until your account automatically downgrades to the Basic plan at the end of your current billing period. You will however not be charged the renewal charges unless you renew your subscription.

To see when your subscription will end, check the Subscriptions detail on the 5paisa Mobile app or Website.

Will I be able to restart my 5Paisa add-on subscription?

Definitely! Whenever you wish to, you can restart your subscription from the 5paisa Mobile App or Website by simply paying the subscription charges.

If I cancel my 5Paisa add-on subscription, will I be charged?

You will not see any more subscription charges unless you restart your payments. If you cancel your plan before the expiry, as per your billing period, you would be able to access the paid features until the subscription cancels automatically.



5Paisa Account Opening Charges and Process Review:

Open 5paisa Demat and trading account from here, there are no charges for account opening, for a limited time period, the only thing is subscription charges for different plan that totally depends on you to take, basic Plan has no subscription charges at all.

However if you want to take benefit of premium service in other two subscription, Power investor Plan, ultra trader Plan you can try them on monthly basis as well.

5Paisa List of Other Charges: 


5Paisa List of Other Charges: 
18% GST applicable on all the above charges



FREE demat account in india


5Paisa Account Opening Process Review:

To open an A/c online, Click on this link and first enter your mobile number, than enter details mentioned below. You just need to follow 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Fill in your personal details

Don’t worry! No endless forms to be filled. Just fill in your PAN No. and Date of Birth

Step 2: Fill in your Bank details

Enter your Bank Account Number and IFSC Code to fetch all your bank details in one go.

Step 3: Make Payment

You will be prompted to select any of the pay towards your Subscription Plan (Optimum/ Platinum/ Titanium). You will be redirected to a payment gateway where you can make payment. However, if you have chosen the free plan, you do not need to make any payment.

Step 4: Upload your documents

With 5paisa, you just need to upload Pan Card and Address proof. It is easy and simple. Just take a picture and upload.

Step 5: e-Sign your form

Review the complete form and e-sign the form digitally using Aadhar. Your application process will be complete and account will be opened in next 1 hour subject to verification by 5paisa team.

5Paisa Account Opening Process

Documents Required For Account Opening At 5Paisa:

Once you sign up you need to upload certain documents listed below:

  1. Your PAN card
  2. Your Aadhaar
  3. To complete the e Sign process, you will have to authenticate it with an OTP. So, make sure you have the number linked to your Aadhaar handy. If not, you will not be able to complete the process. If the number linked to your Aadhaar is inactive, or if you don’t have any number linked, then you can visit your nearest Aadhaar Seva Kendra to get it updated.
  4. Cancelled cheque/Bank statement to link your bank account –

If your cheque is not personalized then the bank statement you upload should have both the IFSC and MICR code printed on it. If not then your application will be rejected. The bank statement has to be self-attested.

  1. A photo or scanned copy of your signature proof will be required to be uploaded.
  2. Income proof –

It is mandatory to submit income proof if you wish to trade in Futures and options – Equity, Commodity, and Currency.  You can submit one of the below documents.

  • Form-16
  • Income tax returns acknowledgment
  • 6-month Bank statement
  • Latest salary slip
  • Demat holding statement, or
  • A CA certifying your net worth

Note: The documents mentioned are for a Resident Individual Account.


5Paisa Account Opening Charges and Process



5Paisa Review On Margin Trading Fund(MTF):

It is a facility offered exclusively by 5Paisa to its customers, who opt for it. MTF  is really helpful in case you want to buy stocks in delivery but have less money. It helps you in buying stocks by partly putting your own money and rest being funded by the 5paisa.

You only pay for part of the value, rest being funded, and this allows you to buy larger quantity of the stock.

You can carry delivery positions for 90 days by paying only a small percentage of Securities Value (margin amount), instead of entire value of securities.

Open free Trading/Demat/Bank account within minutes online hassle-free paperless and start investing and trading. 

What are Benefits of 5Paisa MTF?

Let us understand this through an example :

To take delivery of Rs. 100,000/- value of stock, a client will need to pay only around Rs. 25,000/-. The balance will be funded by 5paisa Capital. Interest will be charged on the funded balance @ 21.90% p.a.



Broker Pays


You Pay


Interest @21.90% for 90 days


Sold @6% appreciation


Your Profit


Returns in 3 months


Annualized Returns



Note: Client will have to sell his shares in Delivery to exit MTF position.

Think of it as a loan given to you by 5Paisa in order to buy shares with lesser amount. This a fantastic service offered by 5Paisa.



5Paisa Review On Brokerages:

5Paisa do not charge any brokerage, for any segment, they only charge flat fee of Rs. 20 per executed order. Keep in mind these brokerage is for free plan and not the two add-on packs ultra and power.


5Paisa Review On Brokerages:

Similarly you can make investments in mutual funds through monthly SIP or Lumpsum using 5paisa platform and there are Zero charges as well as no commissions.


5paisa mutual fund brokerage


5Paisa Review On Trading Platform:

5Paisa offers trading platform for every device, whether you want to trade on your laptop/desktop/mobile/tablet, 5paisa technology driven service makes it easy and flexible to trade.


5Paisa Review On Trading Platform


Let us take a tour of them one by one to see how they work?

Open Best Trading/Demat/Mutual Funds Account Within Minutes Online paper-less and start trading & investing online in stocks, derivatives, commodities, currencies, mutual funds and ETFs 


5Paisa Desktop Based Trading Platform (Trade Station EXE) Review:


5Paisa Desktop Based Trading Platform(Trade Station EXE)


You can download the trade station as its is downloadable exe file on your computer or laptop and can use it by entering your client-id and  password. The file size is very low(7MB) so nothing to worry about the size. Once you logged you can create watch-list by adding different stocks from the top.


 5Paisa Review On Margin Brokerages Trading Platform- Best Monster Guide 2020


Above is original image i have taken from my trade station EXE, If you right click on any stock it will give all the option to place trades, buy or sell, chart, market depth, tick list etc. Let us see how chart shows in this trading platform and what kind of tools and resources are there for doing technical analysis.


 5Paisa Review On Margin Brokerages Trading Platform- Best Monster Guide 2020


You can use different chart pattern and most used candlestick charts with all the indicators you want. Whether you want 1min, 1hour, or 1day chart all will be available.

You can buy or sell directly from the charts as well. The most important part of any trading platform is the tools and resources it has to do technical analysis. Trade station EXE has it all.



Types of orders In 5paisa Trade Station EXE:

There are multiple types of orders you can placed for example normal orders, when you do not want to take the any margin or less margin, cover orders(co)for higher margin and a predefined stop-loss, bracket orders (bo) to place a stop-loss as well as predefined target. This are called advanced trader multiple orders.


Types of orders In 5paisa Trade Station EXE


These orders also includes whether you want to place the order at limit price(your choice) market price(current trading price)

Types of orders In 5paisa Trade Station EXE


You can select the product types such as (IOC) immediate or cancel or DAY(remain till order get executed within market timing)

You can add- withdraw funds directly from the software, download ledger statement and much more.


5Paisa Web (browser) Based Trading Platform (Trade station Web) Review:

5Paisa Trade station web is a browser based trading platform, which can be opened on any web browser you use. Just like a website but with all the tools and resources needed.

This is better than the downloadable version with great user interface and DIY(do it yourself) functions.


5Paisa Web(browser) Based Trading Platform(Trade Station Web)


5Paisa Review On Margin Brokerages Trading Platform- Best Monster Guide 2020


Create you market watch-list or predefined market watch , nifty50 all stock list are also available in one watch-list so need to add them separately.


5Paisa Web(browser) Based Trading Platform(Trade Station Web)


Create your strategy by using infinite no. of tools, all best indicators with different candlestick chart patterns are available. Just drag and drop to apply them.


5Paisa Web(browser) Based Trading Platform(Trade Station Web)


There is a separate option given to check the market analytics whether the gainer or looser of the day or 52week high/low, volume toppers etc.


5Paisa Web(browser) Based Trading Platform(Trade Station Web)


Looking to invest for short term or long term you must need to know all about the company and with 5Paisa web based trading platform, it is easily available on a click. Look out for historical data, all corporate action, share holding patterns etc.


5Paisa Web(browser) Based Trading Platform(Trade Station Web)


Looking for option chain data or market depth,  with trade station web all the information will be available at one place.

There are many more things you can do, and I can keep on writing about it, I personally found this as amazing because, you do not need to go to any other website to lookout or searching on google for any other information.


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5Paisa Mobile Trading App Review:

With more than 4 million installs, 5paisa mobile app is one of the best stock market trading apps in India, that suits both beginners and traders. It’s a free and easy to use trading app.


5Paisa Mobile Trading App


With the app, you can get live updates from NSE, BSE and MCX markets, access world-class charting tools with advance studies, analyze stock market trends, and trade on-the-go.

Here’s what makes 5paisa the Best Trading app:

Get live updates on stock prices and quotes from NSE, BSE & MCX

Transfer funds easily: Authorize fund transfers easily within the 5paisa app via Netbanking of over 40 banks or via UPI for your trading

Charting: Cutting edge charts with a wide range of studies and drawing functionalities for advanced technical analysis

One-click order placement: Execute trades at lightning-fast speed with a single click

Research: Access industry’s best stock research & tips to help you decide when to Buy and Sell stocks with the help of products like – Smart

Watchlist: Create multi-asset watchlist, synced across devices

Alerts: Set price alerts for instant updates via mobile notifications based on real-time market feeds
Invest in direct mutual funds, buy digital gold, buy insurance and take personal loans from the same app

All the functions that you see in the web based are available with the mobile app of 5paisa.



Can I invest in the US markets with 5paisa?

Yes, now you can experience the smooth way of investing in Global Market with advanced technology with 5paisa. They have partnered with Vested to provide Zero Commission investing in the US markets for our customers.


Can I invest in the US markets with 5paisa?

The account opening fee for international investment account is just Rs.399/- if you proceed with the Basic account. However if you choose to subscribe to the premium plan, the account opening fee is waved off.


5Paisa Algo Trading Platform Review:

Algo Trading is a form of Automated trading that uses computer programs to analyze market data based on pre-defined parameters. It places trades on the terminal and submits to exchange thereby reducing manual invention.

Who is it for?

  • Experienced and professional traders who fully understand the risk and rewards involved in use of Algo trading.
  • People who already have buy and sell strategies and want to automate them.
  • Technical analysts wanting to automate their trading.
  • Jobbers wanting auto execution.
  • Wealth managers wanting to trade on behalf of clients

Algo Features at 5paisa

  • Cutting edge technology platform and infrastructure
  • Interface with charting tools like AmiBroker etc.
  • APIs for .NET, Java, C++ Python
  • Strategy coding assistance
  • Development of customized strategies
  • Plug-and-play popular strategies (pre-loaded and pre-approved)
  • Stock Exchange approval assistance
  • Live Paper Trading platform provided for testing strategy.

Benefits of Algo trading:

  • Reduces the need for manual intervention.
  • Automates decisions and execution, reducing time to act and avoiding human emotions from coming into play while trading.
  • Helps scale up strategies to a wider range of stocks, than manually feasible .

Different ways of performing Algo trade

Programmed Algo: In this case a strategy that is used by you for trading manually can be coded in any computer language that sends the same triggers to the Order placing application that you would otherwise place manually.

Charting/Macros based triggers: If you are using a charting software like AmiBroker, or if you have created any triggers in MS Excel with the use of Macros etc. These triggers can be sent to the application using plugins, and the application places the trades

Apart from trading platform 5Paisa in partner with other financial tech companies provide many other services which are built on these apps, let us see and know in brief about all of them.

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Review of 5Paisa With Smallcase:


5Paisa With Smallcase


Smallcases are baskets of stocks & ETFs that help you build a low-cost, long term diversified portfolio. 5Paisa in association with smallcase helps investors to pick pre-build well researched portfolio.


5Paisa Review On Margin Brokerages Trading Platform- Best Monster Guide 2020



Review of 5Paisa With Sensibull:


5Paisa With Sensibull


Sensibull is India’s first options trading platform, offering everything from simplified options trading for new investors to powerful trading tools for the pros. Sensibull aims to make options trading safe, accessible, and most importantly, profitable for all.


Sensibull is India’s first options trading platform, offering everything from simplified options trading for new investors to powerful trading tools for the pros. Sensibull aims to make options trading safe, accessible, and most importantly, profitable for all.

Sensibull was founded with the absurdly impossible vision of making the small guy win against the big guy in financial markets.

Smallcase and Sensibull both the services are available under the basic subscription plan with 14 days free trial.


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What is 5paisa smart investor?

5Paisa smart investor is a research tool help to build your portfolio. If you want to invest they provide insights as well as pre-build portfolio.


what is 5paisa smart investor?


This feature is provided in partnership with Marketsmith India, a Research & advisory company founded by legendary US investor & author William J. O’Neil.


what is 5paisa smart investor?
To avail our Smart Investor feature, you need to buy  Subscription Plan:
Features Basic Free Plan Power Investor Plan Ultra trader Plan
Smart Investor Not applicable Free Free


To buy Smart Investor, you need to subscribe monthly or annually to ultra or power investor addon pack Plan. You also have an option to upgrade or degrade your plan.



What Is 5Paisa Swing Trader?

5Paisa leverages swing trading strategy to offer its customers short term investment ideas for quick money making. Swing Trading is a strategy that focuses on taking smaller gains by making short term investments.
The gains might be smaller, but when done consistently over time gives excellent annual returns. Swing Trading positions are usually held a few days to a couple of weeks.

For this, it has tied up with Swing Trader India, a research & advisory company founded by US investment legend & author William J O’ Neil. Swing trader combines Technical & Fundamental analysis to evaluate stocks. It extensively uses CAN SLIM methodology of William O’Neil to filter promising stocks.

Swing Trader has target of 5% to 10% return for the stocks in buy zone & stop loss at 2% -3%. Recommendations are generally for period of 2 to 20 days.

To avail our Swing Trader feature, you need to buy any of below mentioned Subscription Plan:
Features Basic Free Plan Power Investor plan Ultra trader Plan
Swing Trader Not applicable Free Free


To buy Swing Trader, you need to subscribe monthly or annually to any of the two paid Plan.

5Paisa Review On Mutual Fund Service:

With 5Paisa you can open a free mutual funds account and start investing through direct funds or SIP(Systematic Investment Plan).

5paisa does not charge customers any brokerage for mutual fund orders. There also, no processing fees and account opening charges for customers on 5paisa.

5paisa directly get incentivized from the Asset management company for distributing the AMCs products to its customers.


5Paisa Review On Mutual Fund Service

Mutual Funds are investment instruments that collect investors money and invest in various securities in order to get returns on the investments. The money invested is managed by a professional fund manager.

SIP is just a way of investing a fixed amount in mutual funds on a regular basis. You are allocated a certain number of units based on the ongoing market rate (called NAV or net asset value) for the day.

Every time you invest money, additional units of the scheme are purchased at the market rate and added to your account. Hence, units are bought at different rates and investors benefit from Rupee-Cost Averaging and the Power of Compounding.


5Paisa Review On Margin Brokerages Trading Platform- Best Monster Guide 2020

You can also invest in mutual funds as a one – time investment which is also called lump sum. Every mutual fund scheme is available in two variants – direct and regular. Direct schemes are bought directly from the AMC and do not involve any intermediary.

Direct schemes have a lower expense ratio since no commission is paid to the distributor. So you get more returns compared to regular schemes. You can open your free mutual fund account here.

Want to know how much you will get after every month of investing in any mutual fund scheme than check moneycontain monthly mutual fund calculator here.


How You Can Invest In Gold Through 5Paisa?

You can Now BUY Gold for as low as just Rs. 50 on 5paisa without all the hassles and charges of buying physical gold from jewelers. 5paisa app shows you the current ongoing price per gram of gold. You just need to decide the amount of money that you want to buy gold with.

Based on the current displayed rate per gram of gold and taxes, the equivalent number of grams of gold will be purchased in your name and added to your vault. You can also decide the number of grams you want to buy and pay the amount accordingly.

The gold bought by you is stored centrally and shown to you as a Digital Vault balance of the number of grams owned by you. You have an option to either take Delivery of this gold, or Sell it off on the App directly from your vault.

There are no additional requirements to buy gold on 5paisa. All you need is an active 5paisa Trading Account. Currently, they allow payments via Net Banking, Debit Card and Credit Card. Convenience fee of 2% is charged at the time of making payments using the provided payment gateway.

You can find your Purchased Gold details in the Vault section of the App. This will display the total grams of gold accumulated by you till date. You will receive an invoice via email after each transaction. The invoice is also available in the transaction history in the vault section of the app.




Does 5Paisa Provide Loans?

5paisa by itself does not lend money for personal loans. They have tie up with India Infoline Finance Limited (IIFL)parent company, a reputed NBFC to provide personal loans to their 5paisa customers.

What documents are required for the personal loan?

No, documents are required since at the time of account opening you have already provide the documents and your KYC is updated with them. However, In case, your current address is different from the one given to 5paisa at the time of account opening, you will have to upload the latest address proofs while filling out your loan application.

This address will be updated only in your loan account and will not get updated in the 5paisa Trading / Demat account.

What are the Fees & charges applicable for personal loan?

Apart from the EMI amount the following fees will be charged to you
  1. Processing fee up to 1.5%
  2. Late payment charges in case of default
In case your monthly EMI gets bounced, you will have to bear a bounce charge of Rs. 590/- and also penalty charges on the interest amount which is due.
Want to know your home loan EMI with interest, check moneycontain home loan emi calculator here.


FREE demat account in india


My Opinion On 5Paisa:

I have tried to cover all  5paisa important aspects one need to know, before opening an account. What makes 5Paisa different from other is not only the services offered by them but the free trading, Demat and mutual fund account, you do not have to pay a single penny to open the account, moreover you can use the services and see if its suits your need.

Secondly, the kind of technological advancement in there trading platforms, apart from this they offer PMS(portfolio management services),insurance, loans, gold investment, research advisory. You have the option to take paid subscription plan for even a month at as low as Rs.299.

Moreover, with 5Paisa you can also invest in US Markets easily within few steps, as of now only ICICIDirect has this options for its users.

If I have to rate the 5Paisa in comparison with other brokers, I will give 8.7 out of 10. So, go ahead and open an free account now there is nothing to lose its a win-win deal.

Now Open a Free 5Paisa trading and demat Account within minutes and start trading and investing 

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Are you looking to invest a lumpsum amount in any fund, than you must know the future value of your investment. Use moneycontain lumpsum sip calculator with inflation here to calculate it easily in 3 steps.

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Note: Please do your own research and make investment. Moneycontain will not be responsible for any of your losses at all. The point made is for educational purpose only and intended to give information. All investments are subject to risks, which should be considered prior to making any investments.

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