In this section of moneycontain, I have chosen best 5 must read books from three different fields but before I tell you which are this fields and which books you must reads, Let me start by quoting one of the famous astrophysicist, author, poet Carl Edward Sagan:

“One glance at a book and you hear the voice of another person, perhaps someone dead for 1,000 years. To read is to voyage through time.”

This quote itself is so valuable, many a times due to current distraction because of hell lot of noise from social media platforms as well as lot of online video content, some people have forgotten the value of books.

Reading books develops our brains and gives us the ability to understand life in a much better way, moreover according to latest scientific survey which conclude that Reading develops a child’s imagination as well as helps children to develop empathy.

Besides, there’s a lot of room for grammar and language development too, If you read a lot, you will learn new words all the time and your vocab as well as Cognitive Growth gets increased with time.

Reading books stimulates our ability to comprehend and to develop critical thinking skills which are essential for cognitive development. The more you read books, the more you will develop knowledge, the more your thinking process will improve.

Great Roman philosopher Cicero once said ‘“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” Indeed true. Apart from knowledge perspective reading books is good for overall health too, for example:

  1. It helps in sleep readiness
  2. Reading books also helpful in reducing stress
  3. lowers blood pressure and heart rate of your body
  4. Reading books can fights depression symptoms
  5. It prevents cognitive decline as you age more with time
  6. Reading books exercises our brain and improves concentration or attention


Must Read Books - You Should Read These Best 5 Books On finance, Blogging & Life


In my opinion one should read at least 1 book in a month or two, it is not necessary you read only books which have anything do with your profession or passion, it can be from any field such as:

  • Action & Adventure
  • Classics
  • Comic Book or Graphic Novel
  • Detective and Mystery
  • Historical 
  • Financial
  • Spiritual
  • Life management
  • Drama
  • Prose or poetry 
  • Non- Fiction
  • Science
  • Inspirational

Apart from these there are many other genres, it is you who have to decide, let us now move to some of the best must read books in 3 important genre, Finance (Investing/Trading/Derivatives/Money management etc.), Blogging or digital marketing and Spirituality or inspirational/motivational.


5 Must Read Books For Better Finance:

1. The Intelligent Investor:  A professional investor and economist, known all over the world, Benjamin Graham is believed to be the father of value investing. It is a widely acclaimed on value investing, Written by one of the greatest investment advisers of twentieth century, the book aims at preventing potential investors from substantial errors and also teaches them strategies to achieve long-term investment goals.


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2. Finance for Non Finance: While there is no doubt that understanding finance is the need of the hour, yet the curriculum in most schools and colleges do not include sessions on how to manage our money, save and invest it and make it grow.

Are you an Individual wanting to save money? Are you a business owner looking for gathering funds or managing your existing business? Are you a stock investor who cannot understand Company financials?

Are you a salaried employee not able to manage your monthly income and expenses? This is exactly the book you need. 


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3. VALUE INVESTING & BEHAVIORAL FINANCE: Value Investing and Behavioral Finance, a timely offering from a seasoned investment strategist Parag Parikh, is a must read for stock brokers, bankers, lay investors, portfolio manager, fund manager, and students of finance.

Further, it advises on how to spot investment opportunities and pitfalls in commodity stocks, growth stock, PSUs, IPOs, sectors and index stocks. It also alerts the reader to a ‘bubble’ or crisis situation, and ways to identify and insure against it.


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4. How Finance Works: Whether you’re a student or a manager, an aspiring CFO or an entrepreneur, How Finance Works is the colorful and interactive guide you need to help you start thinking more deeply about the numbers.

Mihir Desai, a professor at Harvard Business School and author of The Wisdom of Finance, guides you into the complex but endlessly fascinating world of finance, demystifying it in the process.


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5. Learn to Earn: Learn to Earn – A Beginner’s Guide to The Basics of Investing and Business was written to fulfill two reasons, one was to make sure that the ‘rich get richer, poor get poorer’ principle doesn’t dwell in business for long.

The second reason was to let the common people make a living out of associating with the brands they use every day. It is not just a guide to the basics of investing and business but it is also a guide to setting your own milestones. The book also tells you the best ways of achieving these milestones. 


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5 Must Read Books For Stock Market Investing and Trading:

1. Coffee Can Investing: Bestselling author of Gurus of Chaos and The Unusual Billionaires, Saurabh Mukherjea puts his money where his mouth is. Saurabh follows the Coffee Can approach to high-quality, low-risk investing.

What if you could make not 10 not 15 but 20 per cent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) on your investments? What if there was a way to grow your money four to five times whilst taking half the risk compared to the overall market?


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2. One Up On Wall Street: Penned by the famous mutual-fund manager, Peter Lynch, this book elaborates the many advantages that an average investor has over professionals and how they can help them reach financial triumph.

How To Use What You Already Know To Make Money in The Market explains how your knowledge alone can assist you beat the pros of investing.

Moreover, this book provides time less recommendation on money business. This book has discussed the tips, ebb and flows on building it big in the investment market.


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3. How to Avoid Loss and Earn Consistently in the Stock Market: Investing in high-quality business (stock) at the right price and holding them for a reasonable period is the only way for wealth creation.

Written in an easy-to-understand and simple language, this book will guide you on how to select fundamentally strong business, when to buy and sell stocks and above all how to minimize or avoid loss in the stock market.


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4. How to Day Trade for a Living: Very few careers can offer you the freedom, flexibility and income that day trading does. As a day trader, you can live and work anywhere in the world. You can decide when to work and when not to work. You only answer to yourself.

That is the life of the successful day trader. Many people aspire to it, but very few succeed. Day trading is not gambling or an online poker game.

To be successful at day trading you need the right tools and you need to be motivated, to work hard, and to persevere and this what this book is all about.


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5. How to Make Money in Stocks: Written by the acclaimed entrepreneur, William J O’Neil, How to Make Money in Stocks is a handy guide that that deals with the stock market and its intricacies.

The author of this book has written down the hard-earned knowledge he gained from his own experiences as an investor. In this book, the author discusses his trademark CAN SLIM method of investing.

This book imparts valuable information about the times when one needs to cut a loss and the times when one needs to invest and make a profit.


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5 Must Read Books For Trading/Investing In Equity, Derivatives, Technical and Fundamental Analysis:

1.Trading and Technical Analysis Course: This book shows you, step-by-step, how to combine the stock picking and market timing capability of technical analysis with the power of disciplined trade entries and trade management strategies.

How to use various technical analysis concepts and tools, including trend analysis, moving averages, indicators and oscillators, candlestick and price patterns, volume, consolidations and corrections.

How to pick the right stocks and timely trades using chart and pattern analysis and lot more.


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2. FLIRTING WITH STOCKS: This book introduces the uninitiated to the world of share markets. Acclaimed financial expert Dr Anil Lamba begins with the basics of how the investment cycle works, and builds up to the nitty-gritties of bulls and bears, mutual funds, kerb trading, badla finance and share-price fixing.

Included also are case studies on asset bubbles and insider trading that are lessons for potential investors on how to make money while minimizing risks.


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3. Options, Futures & Other Derivatives: This book has been designed to serve the wider spectrum of the market. It is appropriate for students pursuing graduate courses in business, economics and financial engineering.

It can be used for advanced undergraduate courses involving quantitative skills. Many practitioners who are involved in derivatives markets may also find the book useful. 


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4. How to Make Money in Intraday Trading: This book will equip you with the skills and temperament to make you market ready. It reveals Ashwani’s time-tested and practical day trading strategies and systems which are easy to understand and implement.

Packed with more than 200 real market examples and charts, this book shows you how to approach the market every single trading day like a winner, equipped with appropriate technical expertise and supreme self-confidence.


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5. Technical Analysis Masterclass: This book focuses on technical analysis, explanation and interpretation of price movements and chart patterns as well as on learning effective, ready-to-use trading strategies.

The first section of this book provides comprehensive knowledge of the fundamentals and individual components of technical analysis and price analysis.

The second section focuses on the most important trading patterns as well as the correct interpretation of chart formations.

You will explore potential entry signal points and trading strategies so that traders can now already make sense of their own charts with confidence.

The third and final section focuses on developing a customized trading strategy.


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Apart from above must read books, I would like to add 3 of my favorite books on finance or investing and trading genre. These are given below:


1. Market Wizards: In search of an answer, bestselling author Jack D. Schwager interviewed dozens of top traders across most financial markets.

In Market Wizards Schwager lets you hear, in their own words, what those super-traders had to say about their unprecedented successes, and he distils their responses down into a set of guiding principles you can use to become a trading star in your own right. 


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2. The Psychology of Money: In the psychology of money, the author shares 19 short stories exploring the strange ways people think about money and teaches you how to make better sense of one of life’s most important matters.


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3. Fooled by Randomness: Last but not the least in must read books in financial genre is Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Fooled by Randomness. Everyone wants to succeed in life.

But what causes some of us to be more successful than others? Is it really down to skill and strategy or something altogether more unpredictable?

This book is the word-of-mouth sensation that will change the way you think about business and the world.


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Here comes the end of must read books in finance category, let us now move on to another genre and one of my favorite, Digital Marketing, blogging, SEO, YouTube, Online earning etc. 


4 Must Read Books For Digital Marketing:

1. How to Make a Living with Your Writing: Would you like to make a living with your writing? This book will show you how. If you’d like to make a living with your writing, this book will help you take the next steps.


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2. The Essential Habits Of 6-Figure Bloggers: If you are Struggling to gain traction with an online audience? Plagued by posts providing little to no financial return? Do dreams of making money seem unattainable?

Then Seasoned business analyst, MBA, and web expert Sally Miller interviewed seventeen top bloggers who gross over $100,000 every year. And now she’s here to share how they turned their passions into a financially and emotionally rewarding career.


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3. 3 Months to No.1: This book offers Over 3 hours of invaluable ‘walk through’ video tutorials to SHOW you what to do, as well provide you with a step-by-step, week-by-week SEO Blueprint and Checklist.


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4. YouTube Secrets: In YouTube Secrets, online video experts Sean Cannell and Benji Travis draw on a decade of experience as well as interviews with more than one hundred top creators to give you a step-by-step YouTube success playbook.

You’ll learn – The seven essential ingredients for a profitable channel – New strategies for getting views and subscribers – Ten ways to make money on YouTube – And much more.


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Last but not the least the list of 5 must read books is in motivational, Life management or say Spirituality category. Whether you read anything from above or not but this is one of the most important genre in my view. Let us see the top 5 must read books in this segment.


4 must read books in Spirituality, Motivation and Life Management:

1.Bhagavad Gita: The Bhagavad Gita, “The Song of the Lord,” is probably the best known of all the Indian scriptures, and Easwaran’s clear, accessible translation is the best-selling edition.

The Gita opens dramatically, with prince Arjuna collapsing in anguish on the brink of a war that he doesn’t want to fight. Arjuna has lost his way on the battlefield of life, and turns to his spiritual guide, Sri Krishna, the Lord himself.

Although the battlefield is a perfect backdrop, for Easwaran the Gita’s subject is the war within, the struggle for self-mastery that every human being must wage.

Arjuna’s dilemma is acutely modern, and the Gita’s message remains as relevant for us now as it was for ancient India.


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2. Out of Your Mind: In order to come to your senses, Alan Watts often said, you sometimes need to go out of your mind. Distilled from Alan Watts’s pinnacle lectures, Out of Your Mind brings you an inspiring new resource that captures the true scope of this brilliant teacher in action.


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3. The Wisdom of Insecurity: Spending all our time trying to anticipate and plan for the future and to lamenting the past, we forget to embrace the here and now.

We are so concerned with tomorrow that we forget to enjoy today. Drawing from Eastern philosophy and religion, Alan Watts shows that it is only by acknowledging what we do not and cannot know that we can learn anything truly worth knowing.


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4. The Alchemist: Paulo Coelho’s enchanting novel has inspired a devoted following around the world. This story, dazzling in its powerful simplicity and inspiring wisdom, is about an Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago who travels from his homeland in Spain to the Egyptian desert in search of a treasure buried in the Pyramids.


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Mark Twain once said “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” So go ahead and dive deep in to any of the above must read books listed above, trust me you won’t regret at all.

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This is not the end, I will try to update new categories of different genre going forward but till than enjoy and learn great things from these books and what they has to offer to you as an individual and do let us know in comments about your experience after reading them.

If, you have liked the content please do share it with your friends or on social media, as sharing do bring the good karma. If you have any questions or feedback you can leave them in comment box below.

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