What Is SEBI?

Basically SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) primary objective is to protect the interests of people in the stock market and provide a conducive environment for market participants.

  • Keeping eye on exchanges like NSE & BSE so that no partiality is done 
  • Small retail investors like common citizens (you and me) are protected
  • The main aim of the SEBI is to ensure that end investors benefit from safe and transparent dealings in the market 
  • Protects illegitimate activities or unfair practices in primary as well as secondary market 
  • Brokers and sub-brokers do their business impartially
  • Avoiding unhealthy practices done from any corporate clients or disproportionately taking any benefits from market (e.g harshad mehta scam,1992,  Satyam computers scandal 2009) 
  • Huge investors with big cash should not in anyway manipulate market 
  • At core Market Regulators helps in developments & progress of Market