Stock Exchange In India

Major stock exchange in India in 2020

  1. National Stock Exchange of India(NSE) Ltd.
  2. BSE Ltd. formerly known as the Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd.
  3. Indian Commodity Exchange Limited(ICEX)
  4. Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd.(MCX)
  5. National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Ltd.(NCDEX)

You might be thinking as if now, there are so many exchanges which one should you go for or why there are so many exchanges? Do not worry our main focus will primarily be on nse & bse.

As a beginner one should always start with easy things just like in math until you know simple rules of calculation like add, subtract, multiply, divide it is not worth learning algebra, statistics or integration, differentiation’s.

So will stick to basics first, however let me tell you few things good to know about these exchanges.

National Stock Exchange of India(NSE) and BSE Ltd. both deals in this segment of market mentioned below.

 a. Equity

b. Equity Derivatives

c. Currency Derivatives (including Interest Rate Derivatives)

d. Commodity Derivatives

e. Debt

NSE Trades in
BSE Trades in
Equities, ETFs, IPOs, OFS, Mutual Funds, Index Futures, Index Options, Stock Futures, Stock Options, VIX Futures, Commodity Derivatives, Single Currency Futures, Cross Currency Futures, Single Currency Options, Cross Currency Options, Interest Rate Futures, Government Securities and Corporate Bonds
The BSE also provides trading in all of the above except VIX futures. The volumes on equity futures and options are larger on NSE than on BSE


There are multiple segments or you can say financial products available just like a supermarket. Its up to you to choose, the other exchanges mentioned above except these two deals only in Commodity Derivatives.