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Financial Calculators


Whether you are interested in knowing about the EMI of a loan, returns of SIP or lumpsum amount, Mutual fund returns, calculating CAGR returns, FD/ RD returns and lot more. These financial calculators can become a handy tool for you day in and out. They are free to use for everyone, anytime, anywhere.

So, go ahead and checkout the best financial calculators of your choice and get instant result with lot of information.


Personal Loan EMI Calculator – Calculate Monthly EMI Online In 3 Easy Steps

Lumpsum SIP Calculator – Free Investment Calculation In 3 Steps

SIP Calculator Monthly Lumsump With Inflation- Calculate In 3 Easy Steps

Monthly Payout FD Calculator – Check How Much You Can Get Monthly From FD In 3 Easy Steps

RD Calculator – Calculate Monthly Recurring Deposit Interest In 3 Easy Steps

Break Even Point Calculator With Formula, Analysis and 2 Easy Examples

CAGR Calculator For Stocks, Index, Mutual Funds, FD Calculate In 3 Easy Steps

Inflation Calculator – Know Your Future Expense Online in 3 Easy Steps

Post Office Monthly Income Scheme Calculator – 3 Best Things About POMIS

Savings Goal Calculator – 3 Steps To Know How Much You Need To Invest Monthly

Compound Interest Calculator With Formula- Best Tips 2020

Home Loan Calculator- Check Loan Eligibility In 3 Simple Steps

Present Value Calculator With Formula – Top Secrets You Should know 2020

Credit Card EMI Calculator – In 3 Quick Steps Check Minimum Due Payment, Interest

PPF Calculator With Extension – Check PPF+Extension Returns In 3 Quick Easy Steps

ELSS Calculator For Monthly SIP And Lumpsum SIP- Calculate Returns In 3 Quick Step

NPS Calculator – National Pension Scheme Calculator

Reverse Inflation Calculator – Know Your Future Investment Worth In Present In 3 Easy Steps

ETF Calculator – Calculate Index, Gold, Debt, Liquid, Global ETF Returns In 3 Easy Steps

Retirement Calculator With Inflation – In Simple 4 Steps Know How Much Need To Save and Invest

Post Office NSC Calculator – Calculate Returns From National Savings Certificate In 1 Easy Steps

Sovereign Gold Bond Calculator – Calculate Returns From SGB In 4 Easy Steps

Gratuity Calculator – Check New Gratuity Rules And Gratuity Amount In 2 Easy Steps

Stock Return Calculator – Check How Much Your Investment Worth In 4 Easy Steps

Bike EMI Loan Calculator – In 3 Easy Steps Check Interest and Monthly EMI